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Leopard Den Kitty Teaser Puzzle Toy by Zanies
Leopard Den Kitty Teaser Puzzle Toy by Zanies
Our Price: $19.99

Drive cats WILD as they try to solve the puzzle of this unique cat toy!  Surprise your kitty with the Leopard Den Kitty Teaser Cat Puzzle by Zanies. The puzzle features NINE holes, which give cats a tempting view of the Three Balls inside as they roll and rattle around. Catnip scent will further tease your favorite feline.  Colors:  Leopard Print.  Weighs about 3 pounds.  Measures 10 inches across and about 3 inches high.  Sold Individually.  (Replacement Balls Sold SIX to a package - See Leopard Den Replacement Balls).  Click Larger Photos to See Bandit and formerly feral Midnight Playing with the Puzzle Toy.

Leopard Den Puzzle Replacement Balls (6 per pkg.)
Leopard Den Puzzle Plush Replacement Balls (6 per pkg.)
Our Price: $3.99
Sale Price: $2.00
You Save $1.99

Do You Have a SMART Kitty?  If so, You Are Going to Need the Animal Print Plush Replacement Balls for the Leopard Den Kitty Teaser Puzzle Ball Toy.  Balls are Cloth Covered and have an Enticing Rattle Inside.  Measures Approximately 1 3/4 inches.  Sold SIX Balls to a Package.  Various Animal Print Colors.  Our cat Bandit loves the Leopard Den Puzzle Toy and in spite of the instructions that cats can see the balls, but cannot get them out, I find the three balls perched on top of the toy every morning.